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Average Charge

Per Scan


Easy Financing &

Monthly Payments

15 mos.

Claris V

Pays For Itself

Transform your treatment capabilities with the diagnostic clarity offered by the

Claris V 3DCT imaging modality.

A single scan with Claris V 3DCT yields ample data, minimizing the need for multiple anesthesia sessions and alleviating stress on both the patient and owner.

Discover how clinics are revolutionizing patient care and simultaneously boosting revenue with Claris V 3DCT covering their practice costs.



Having control over imaging services in-house allows for better integration with other aspects of patient care.

In-house point-of-care CBCT in veterinary medicine is more profitable than referring out due to immediate service, increased revenue from diagnostic procedures, and better integration with patient care.

Veterinarians can seamlessly incorporate CBCT results into treatment plans, facilitating more comprehensive and efficient care. Overall, the combination of increased client satisfaction, additional revenue opportunities, and improved care integration makes in-house point-of-care CBCT a potentially more profitable choice for veterinary practices.

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ROI, measuring net profit against initial investment, gauges resource utilization for income generation.

CBCT is advanced veterinary tech, offering high-res 3D images with superior diagnostics, less radiation, and improved treatment planning. While beneficial, investing in a CBCT machine involves annual maintenance costs.


Knowing the ROI timeline is crucial, as it measures resource efficiency. The timeframe for full ROI varies based on practice factors, operations, and market conditions, urging veterinary practices to consider these carefully.

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3 in 1 Multi-Modality

A Triple-Play Scanning System


Multi-modality CBCT, integrating 3D scans, 2D X-ray, and fluoroscopy, offers significant benefits in veterinary diagnostic imaging and surgical guidance. These include enhanced survival rates, accurate and safer interventions, reduced radiation exposure for animals and staff, an optimal risk-benefit profile with CT, high spatial resolution in dental and maxillofacial cases, and accurate assessment of bone substance in animals.


Overall, the use of multi-modality CBCT in veterinary medicine improves diagnostic capabilities, surgical guidance, and patient outcomes, while prioritizing safety and minimizing radiation exposure.

The Scales

Empowering diagnostics across the ages, our instrument seamlessly evolves with technology, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape.

We envision the Claris V CBCT system to embody a scalable future, boasting robust visualization, 3DCT information, and integration with the advancements of artificial intelligence and other technologies for reviewing, diagnosing, and evaluating images.


We perceive this instrument as a reliable device that you can count on for the next several decades. In the rapidly evolving landscape of imaging quality, it is imperative now more than ever to possess comprehensive diagnostic information and higher resolution so you are not left behind.

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Helping Protect
The Life of Your Investment

Because We CARE

The company's commitment to quality ensures rigorous standards through strict quality control processes.

Claris V 3DCT by iCRco emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement by integrating cutting-edge technology into Claris CBCT imaging systems. This not only provides enhanced capabilities, efficient workflows, and user-friendly interfaces but also allows for hardware expansion through updates.


The incorporation of software updates is a key aspect, contributing to increased image quality and improved visualization of images over time.

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