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The Next Dimension of 3D Veterinarian Imaging

The Claris V CBCT is a Cone Beam Computed Tomography device specifically tailored for the veterinary sector, delivering advanced diagnostics and ensuring improved patient stability. This device offers detailed 3D, 360-degree views for comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

The Claris V CBCT stands as an invaluable tool for veterinarians, providing high-quality 3D imaging capabilities that significantly contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions in animals.

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CT Scan

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Image Acquisition

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Image Reconstruction

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Transfer to Clarity PACS

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CT Reading Service

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CT Diagnostic Report



Calculating CBCT system ROI for a veterinary office is complex, considering factors like total ownership costs and generated income. Key evaluation points include:

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CBCT images provide the best resolution due to high-resolution detectors, isotropic voxels, superior image quality, advanced image processing algorithms, optimized scan parameters, and reduced scatter effects. These factors contribute to the detailed and accurate images obtained using CBCT systems.


XC 2.0 IS AN ADVANCED ACQUISITION SOFTWARE: Meticulously tailored for image acquisition and study management of Claris V CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and DR (Digital Radiography) systems for veterinary imaging.


This sophisticated acquisition software is endowed with a diverse array of features and specifications intricately designed to enhance workflow efficiency, fortify image quality, boost productivity, ensure versatility, and seamlessly facilitate sharing across 3D viewers and PACS systems in the veterinary imaging landscape.


Osteoid Invivo 7 is a 3D medical imaging software developed by Osteoid Inc., a company that focuses on driving the future of 3D medical imaging powered by artificial intelligence and cloud computing Invivo 7 is designed to provide tools for visually demonstrating procedures from a patient-facing perspective.


Allow the Claris V to Speak when Your Companion Animal Cannot.

CLARIS V | Real Use Images

CLARIS V | Applications




Claris V can be used to assess musculoskeletal conditions in animals, including fractures, joint diseases, and skeletal deformities. It provides detailed images of bones and joints, enabling veterinarians to diagnose and plan treatments, such as orthopedic surgeries or the fitting of orthopedic devices.



Claris V can also be utilized for imaging soft tissues in animals. It can assist in evaluating masses, tumors, or abnormalities in organs or soft tissue structures.



Claris V is valuable for examining the nasal and sinus cavities in animals. It helps in identifying nasal masses, foreign bodies, or structural abnormalities that may be causing respiratory issues or other related conditions.



Claris V imaging allows veterinarians to perform detailed pre-operative planning for complex surgeries. It provides precise 3D visualization of the anatomical structures involved, aiding in surgical decision-making and reducing the risk of complications during procedures.



Claris V is particularly useful for evaluating dental and oral conditions in animals, such as tooth root infections, dental fractures, and oral tumors. It provides detailed 3D images of the oral cavity, allowing veterinarians to plan and perform dental procedures more accurately.



CLARIS V providing detailed three-dimensional scans for enhanced diagnostic capabilities. Charging for CBCT scans and interpretations can help diagnose complex dental, oral, cranial, and skeletal conditions accurately.



CLARIS V become a referral center for veterinarians without access to CBCT technology. By offering CBCT services to their clients, you can attract referrals and charge a fee for conducting scans and providing reports.



CLARIS V can serve as an additional revenue stream by offering other related services. For example, you can provide 3D printing services to create patient-specific anatomical models based on CBCT scans, which can be used for surgical planning or client education. Charging for such value-added services can contribute to revenue generation.

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Exclusive Scanning and Imaging  System for High-Resolution Images

Dynamic Range Pixel Matrix Detector
Amorphous Silicon Cesium Iodide


Active Area: 43 cm x 43 cm, Pixel Pitch: 85 µm Lossless Image Reconstruction: Wide-angle cone beam, real isotropic voxel (equal length, width, and height), and zero loss of axial image details. 0.24 mm slice thickness, high spatial resolution, and rich detail.

Wide-Angle Radiation Beam

Wide-angle X-rays allow for capturing images of an entire organ 

in a single rotation, promoting enhanced utilization of X-rays.


  • High spatial resolution for richer image details.

  • Fast 3D Image Reconstruction.

  • Simple images for complex anatomical structures.

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Claris V | Tomography

Claris V with Cesium Sensor detector technology, allowing for a larger field-of-view, full chest X-Ray image with superior image quality. The Claris V is capable of replacing your entire X-Ray room in a smaller, more efficient form factor.


XC ICE-4 | Acquisition

XC touchscreen acquisition with ICE-4 Enhancement Processing provides all-new features including, “Image Display State” to ensure balanced presentation of both soft tissue, overlapping bone structures, and automatic analysis of image characteristics to optimize processing.


Clarity PACS | Archive

Our fully web-enabled and integrated PACS solutions help transition your practice into a safe, secure, and filmless environment. Clarity PACS™ supports all your current and future imaging needs.

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